An Online Audio & Video Experience with the High Council to help you go to your next level

Receive valuable insights.

Gain insights into your soul's path and journey. Remember more clearly why you are here. 

Get Answers and Direction.

Increase your ability to ask for and receive Divine guidance, and learn how to journal for answers. 

Connect to your Higher-Self.

Discover your soul essence and experience yourself as a light being having a human journey. 

Get Grounded and open to the Love frequency.

Exercises to help you feel grounded and help others around you ground as well, while you expand your ability to experience the energy of Divine Love and connection to Divine guidance. It's important that we ground the expansive energies here, and be fully present in each moment, to create Heaven on earth. 

Why this Course?

To help you, lightworker, remember more clearly why you are here NOW at this time, and to activate connection with your Higher-self, and your angels and Divine guides who are here to help, so that you can share your gifts, message and mission in the world.


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Is this Course for me? 

Do you sense that there is a calling in your heart and soul toward a specific assignment here in this life, that you are here to bring light at this time?

But the memory of who and what you are to be and do here is still too vague an unclear to take any real action?

It may feel like a faint knowing of your soul's essence and purpose, and that there is a message and mission, gifts, you are to share.

You may know some about your soul essence and purpose, but you sense that there is more -- more to know, more to do, more Love and connection available, more action to take to fulfill and live your purpose. If only you could get past the blocks, the fears, the doubts. If only you could get more clarity. 

This course is here to help make that knowing and connection clearer and stronger so that you can serve your soul's purpose Now. It's here to help you open to your next level of expansion and awakening. 

Who are your teachers?

Way-shower and light teacher Jesus, the archangels, and other spiritual guides and teachers who have gathered as the High Council to guide us in the current Awakening. The High Council will work with you directly through me, spiritual messenger and mentor Jenny Hogg Ashwell.

A former lawyer, I travelled a Divinely guided path from lawyer to student of spirituality and transpersonal counselor, to eventually wake up to my own soul assignment to be a bridge to the spiritual realm and specifically as a conduit for the High Council's work and messages; including the book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment, which I scribed for them. I am joyful and grateful that the spiritual guidebook has become a #1 International Bestseller on Amazon & was featured on Hay House Radio's Bright New Voices.

In this online audio and video course, I've tuned in to the High Council for you, so they can come through to work directly with you! 

What is included?

  • 3 channelled Video Lessons:

The High Council will guide you in experiences and meditations that are meant to raise your vibration, expand your energy and connection to Divine Love and Oneness and to the angels and guides, and activate the memory of your soul's essence and purpose.

  • Grounding exercises to do before each experience and to incorporate into your daily life. 
  • Daily Meditations:

In between the guided experiences, you'll also work with daily meditations each day and night

  • journaling practices

to help anchor your remembering and keep aligned with your intention to activate your soul's purpose.

  • meet an important Spirit Guide
  • Angel Journalling

You'll learn how to keep communicating together with this Guide and your angels through "Angel Journaling". 

  • Build a Soul Affirmation

Finally, you'll build an affirmation to use to continue to stay on track in moving through fear and doubt to manifest your purpose.

How is the course delivered? The entire course content (audios, videos, worksheets) is delivered in an online learning site to which you receive lifetime access. The course is designed to complete over 3-5 weeks, or you may go at a faster or slower pace. You choose what's right for you. 

Perhaps the most magical thing of all is that the intuited, channelled nature of the Course allows you to meet the High Council from wherever you are at on your journey and they will guide you through the next doorway on your soul's path. 

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Advice from a student

"I recommend this course if you are new to this journey of discovering purpose. I also recommend to the seasoned explorer who may want new insights, a refreshed outlook and connection to Spirit. Thank you Jenny and the High Council!" - SNC

Take a Peak at the Learning Site

The 5 Lesson Course (plus morning and nighttime guided meditations) is delivered through audio, video and worksheets all in an online learning site. Here's a glimpse . . .

NOTE on Guarantee: I want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with the Course,  email me at with your feedback within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. 

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Not Sure?

Try Out a Guided Meditation with the High Council to experience what it's like to work with them through Jenny. In this channeled meditation, the High Council does "open heart surgery" on us to increase connection with the Divine through our hearts, and also clears and works on our minds. It ends with an expansive experience of Divine Love. It's like an upgrade to your operating systems

What's possible

"I am connected to Higher Self, and to the world in a renewed, simpler way. The lessons helped me remember the simple, easy way that everyone and everything are connected. I am constantly remembering to breathe, step, look, and speak consciously. In short, it's like becoming lucid in the dream..." SNC

This Course has the Possibility to help you

  • live more fully connected with your Higher-self
  • know and step into your soul's purpose 
  • feel more grounded and present
  • regularly connect with your Divine guidance and know your next steps
  • experience more the idea of Oneness and the Love That Connects All
  • step through the next doorway that is waiting for you on your soul's path
  • make the difference you are here to make

This is your time.  

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Looking for Different Support?

At Love's Curriculum we offer personal mentoring, live events and retreats, and longer programs as well.

Not Ready to join a Course?

If you're not feeling quite ready to commit to a course at this time, I invite you to visit the Love's Curriculum YouTube Channel for free teaching videos and guided meditations


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