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A non-denominational spiritual meditation to work with the energy of Love, compassion, and Christ Consciousness from Chapter 8 of Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment.

Connect with the Divine Guides.

Step into your Soul's Purpose.

Create Heaven on Earth.

Love's Curriculum - A #1 International Bestseller on Amazon

What Readers are saying:
"Each word a revelation of Divine Love that wants nothing more than to be born into this world of form that we may all awaken to the truth that is at the very heart of us all: We are but Love!"
"So good you want to read it many times! Spiritually moving and very inspiring. Must read!"
"A must read for anyone looking to open their heart and embrace their intuition. This book carries with it the energy of transformation and unconditional love."
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You are LOVE. You are LOVED. Loving Divine Helpers are guiding you.

A Message from Jenny.


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Meet Jenny & The High Council

Through an amazing soul-revealing journey that took her from lawyer to spiritual counselor and intuitive, in 2013 Jenny Hogg Ashwell woke up to her Divine assignment to scribe Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment for the High Council. Now a #1 International Bestseller from Balboa Press (a Division of Hay House Publishing), and featured on Hay House Radio's Bright New Voices.

Who is the High Council? Jesus, the archangels, and other light teachers have gathered in the spiritual realm to guide us in remembering the Love That Connects All and to join our hearts to ignite Love in the world. 

What is Love's Curriculum? Aligning with principles in A Course in MiraclesLove's Curriculum contains messages from the High Council to awaken Love and higher consciousness in the world. And Love's Curriculum continues beyond the book as a community and movement offering magical and transformational events, workshops, online programs, meditations, and the Love's Curriculum Radio Show.

As a spiritual messenger and mentor, Jenny acts as a conduit for the High Council to work with people worldwide. Jenny guides and mentors lightworkers from all walks of life who are dedicated to answering the call for Love in the world, helping them align with their soul's Divine purpose and share their message and mission. 

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Learn, Grow, & Connect

Work with Jenny & the High Council to move through fear, doubt, and the ego to remember WHO YOU ARE, WHY YOU ARE HERE, and courageously STEP INTO your SOUL'S DIVINE PURPOSE in increased CONNECTION with your angels and guides

Love's Curriculum Monthly Circle Program

A magical online membership program in which Jenny opens as a channel for the High Council to strengthen your connection to your Divine guides, heal barriers to love, remember your soul essence and purpose, raise your energy and accelerate your awakening.

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Live Your Divine Purpose Mentoring Program

This is for you if you are wanting to take concrete action NOW in sharing your message, gifts, and mission. Work with Jenny, the High Council and your angels and guides to move through fear, doubt, and the ego and take concrete action to live your soul's divine purpose.


Retreats & Events to Connect with Love & your Divine Guides

Receive support, healing, clarity, connection, and expansion on your awakening journey at these magical events in which Jenny brings through the High Council to connect you with the highest vibration of Love, your Divine guides, and your soul's purpose.

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Radio, Videos, Meditations

Hay House Radio Bright New Voices

Jenny & Love's Curriculum were featured on the Hay House Radio. Click below to listen to this and other interviews and learn more about Jenny and Love's Curriculum's mission to ignite Love in the world.

Listen to the Interviews Here

Love's Curriculum Radio Show & Podcast

Biweekly on Tuesdays, Jenny hosts the Love's Curriculum Radio Show, on www.BBSRADIO.COM-Station 1 .  

"This is a great podcast to listen to when I'm in need of a 'feel good' boost. Jenny's gentle style is refreshing and calming in a world that feels like it's set to fast-forward. She shares her loving guidance in a way that enlightens and soothes." ~ Leann O.

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Meditations & Instructional Videos

Jenny is on You Tube with many guided meditations from the High Council and instructional videos about the spiritual journey and living your soul's purpose. 

Visit Jenny's You Tube Channel

Join Jenny on Facebook

Like our Love's Curriculum Community Page: Visit Page Here. We'd love to connect there.

As well, Love's Curriculum and Jenny founded the Lightworkers & Love Advocates FB group. In the group, Jenny offers support, connection, Monday Messages from Love's Curriculum, and High Council Meditations on FB Live every Friday.  The group members have gathered to create an amazing welcoming energy of Love. We'd love to have you join us there.

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Learn 5 Keys to Courageously Step into Your Soul's Purpose with your Angels and Guides, without Fear, Doubt, and the Ego stopping you

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