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In service of her assignment to be a conduit for the High Council and help you awaken to Love and your soul's Divine purpose, Jenny offers a variety of meditations, programs, courses and mentoring opportunities.

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Starting with the book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment and building out from there, we offer a variety of products, courses and meditations to work with on your own time. 

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We offer a variety of group sessions ranging from FREE weekly live, online meditations to regular monthly online group sessions in more formal programs. And the Love's Curriculum Radio Show of Course too!

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Jenny mentors a handful of individuals each year to courageously step into living their soul's purpose with the support of their angels and guides. Are you called to be one of them?

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Retreats, workshops, & events with Jenny, the High Council, and the angels & guides, immersed in mystical, magical, connective, heart-centered experiences. Jenny often partners with other facilitators to bring you a well-rounded experience. 

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The University

"[W]elcome to the angelic University! There are many of you who will be called to work more closely with us in the angelic realm, in the non-form, with the ones who have gone before: Jesus, the masters, those who have left form. We are the formless ones who speak to you of Love and Truth and Healing. The Holy Spirit has gathered us like a group of teachers, a university . . . " ~ Archangel Michael and Archangel Penemue, Love's Curriculum


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Online Group Opportunity

Membership in the Love's Curriculum Monthly Circle

A Unique Membership Opportunity

The Monthly Circle is designed to expand your awareness of Divine Love, the guides that work with you, and your soul's essence and purpose. It is a Loving and Divinely Guided Community here to support you in your Awakening.

In the Circle you get to explore and awaken alongside Jenny, the High Council, and other lightworkers. There are weekly live, online group sessions and learning with the High Council and your angels & guides, and more. Plus 4 Bonus gifts! including 50% off the Activate Your Soul's Purpose Course and the Self-Study Package Free (see self-study courses above).


Mentoring Opportunities with Jenny

Be fully supported in gaining clarity, connection with your angels and guides, and the tools needed to courageously keep stepping into your soul's purpose to share your mission, message, and gifts.


This opportunity is open to a handful of seriously committed lightworkers and Love advocates each year. If you are ready to take a leap into your heart's dream and soul's vision over the next several months, then please inquire and apply. We'd love to hear from you.

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In addition to opportunities and courses that require a financial investment, Love's Curriculum offers many experiences and teaching as free offerings.

* Visit the Love's Curriculum YouTube Channel where you will find hours of teaching videos, webinars and meditation experiences. 

Connect with me on Instagram loves_curriculum

Join the Lightworkers & Love Advocates Facebook Group where Jenny leads a guided meditation each Friday morning with the High Council via FB Live

Listen to the Love's Curriculum Radio Show  every other Tuesday at www.BBSradio.com/lovescurriculum or catch all the replays there or on I-tunes, or Podcast addict (search Loves Curriculum without the apostrophe)

Join the Masterclass Training "5 Keys to Courageously Step into Your Soul's Purpose with your Angels & Guides, without fear, doubt, and the ego stopping you." Join the next class here.

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Check out these Free Downloads

Free INTUITION BUILDER Guide: 3 Tools to Strengthen Your Intuition and your Communication with your Angels & Guides

Learn the 4 intuitive types and which you are, how to phrase your questions to Spirit, and how to distinguish intuitive guidance from your own thoughts and ego.

The Meditation of Knowing you are Love (The HEART OF JESUS MEDITATION)

A non-denominational spiritual meditation to work with the energy of Love, compassion, and Christ Consciousness from Chapter 8 of Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment.


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