FREE: The Heart of Jesus Meditation

A non-denominational spiritual meditation to work with the energy of Love, compassion, and Christ Consciousness.


Connect with the Christ Consciousness within you

In this nondenominational meditation, scribe Jenny Hogg Ashwell guides you in the Heart of Jesus Meditation (otherwise known as The Meditation of Knowing you are Love) from Ch. 8 of her book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment, which she scribed for the High Council--Jesus, the archangels, and other light teachers who have gathered to guide us in the current Awakening happening in our world. 


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"I am gathering an army of Love where each of you lets the Heart of Jesus into your heart and then begins to love and live from there (from that Love that is the Heart of Jesus) . . . " ~ Jesus, Ch. 8 Love's Curriculum

Connect with Jesus as a Spiritual Guide

The meditation helps open the door to a closer relationship with ascended master Jesus as a guide and companion.

Ignite the Heart of Jesus Within You

The meditation helps you ignite your heart light and begin to walk in the world spreading Divine Love.

Spread Love & Light in the World

 We lightworkers are being called to be Christ Consciousness in the world, to join and help all remember the truth of Love.


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