Monthly Circle Program

Join us Now to Ignite Love and Your Purpose

Join with Jenny Hogg Ashwell and the High Council (Jesus, the archangels, and other Light teachers) each month as the teachings from the book Love's Curriclum: Messages of Enlightenment come to life as Jenny opens as a conduit for the High Council to work with members. The goal: to experience your highest soul-self, to remember why you are here in this earth school, to embody Love and Oneness in this human experience, and to fulfill your soul's Divine purpose.

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Here's What You'll Learn

By joining the Circle today, you'll get to work with Jenny each month online as she brings the High Council through to lead the group in a Live 75-min online session. These magical group sessions may include

  • teaching,
  • guided meditation,
  • energy work,
  • and questions and answers.

It's the only one of its kind--an opportunity to expand your exploration of Love's Curriculum's and help

  • ignite Love,
  • remember you soul's essence and purpose,
  • and contribute to the Awakening happening now on earth.

You'll also be connected with Jenny and other Circle Members in a special FB group where the learning, sharing and awakening may continue. Included in the FB group is extra Live connection time with Jenny and the High Council.


Open to Clarity and Connection

Here's What Members are Saying about Their Experience in the Circle

"I am definitely making progress and feel a whole lot less stressed than I used to, and I know that it is thanks to the High Council and Jenny. I have also come to terms with some old issues that I really didn't even know existed and that is directly because of the Circle. Anyone having trouble connecting and needing clarity on their life path or purpose should give this a try. I don't think you will be disappointed." T.L.

"Being able to directly communicate with the High Council through Jenny is wonderful. The guided meditation is always very powerful and helps in unimaginable ways. I have had a problem with meditation for most of my life and I found it very difficult, but with the help of the High Council and Jenny I am making progress. Being able to ask the High Council a question about your progress or whatever that you need is also a wonderful thing and very very helpful." ~ Teresa

"Synchronistic events and following my intuition has allowed me to take part in extra learning and guidance from the High Council. An unfolding of weeks then months has helped me put things into perspective and has encouraged me to stay on the right thing leads to another (ie growth/spiritual development) and the extra meditations and teachings are one way of helping to keep that connection alive and strong." ~ Amelia

A chance to experience Divine Love and Guidance

Become a member in the Monthly Circle to work with Jenny and the High Council to expand your Awakening


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