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Jenny and Love's Curriculum were featured on Hay House Radio! 

In January 2018, Jenny was honored and delighted to be interviewed on "Bright New Voices-The Balboa Press Hour" 

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Interview on the Virgin,Beauty, B!tch Podcast

A fun conversation with hosts Heather and Chris, exploring the balance of the masculine and femnine in each one of us, and how that translates into living your soul's purpose. Episode #45 "Lawyer of Spirit"
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Interview on the Dare to Dream Radio Show

Jenny explores "How to Move Through Fear into Love and Purpose" on the award winning show with media personality Debbi Dachinger. 

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Other Radio Interviews

Passion in Your Business

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The Journey: Stepping into Living your Soul's Divine Purpose

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Exploring Love's Curriculum

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Jenny's own Love's Curriculum Radio Show - Live Biweekly Tuesdays at Noon Pacific

Listen to past episodes on I-tunes and other podcast apps (Search Loves Curriculum)

What I Believe

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Experience meditations guided by the High Council (through Jenny), and view a library of informative videos on living your soul's purpose.

FREE Heart of Jesus Meditation

Experience scribe Jenny Hogg Ashwell guiding you in the Meditation of Knowing You Are Love (the Heart of Jesus Meditation) from chapter 8 of Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment.


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