Live Your Divine Purpose Mentoring Program

A 90-Day Adventure with Jenny, the High Council, and your Angels & Divine Guides

Courageously step into your Soul's Purpose. Align with your Soul's Dream. Share your Message and Mission.

The Why: It's time to answer the call of your soul because the world needs your Divine purpose now more than ever, and it is time to be able to share your message and mission without the fear, doubt, and ego stopping you.

The What: The Live Your Divine Purpose program is a unique online mentoring opportunity to work with Spiritual Messenger & Mentor, and Divine Scribe Jenny Hogg Ashwell to align your work, your relationships, your community, your business, your vision and mission, with your highest soul's purpose, so that you may bring forth the gifts and service you are meant to contribute in the world.

The How: By connecting you with Divine Love, the High Council, and your angels and Divine guides, mastering the 5 shifts necessary to live a life aligned with your soul's purpose, and receiving the tools and support you need to courageously step into living your soul's purpose and share your message and mission without fear, doubt and the ego stopping you.

The Benefits:  Getting unstuck and moving past that wall of fear and doubt so you can live your soul's purpose, get your message out there, and serve your mission. New levels of joy, fulfillment, inspiration, service, and passion that come as a result of serving and aligning with your soul's essence and purpose, and making the shifts to a new experience of the continuing journey--one that includes support, self-love and compassion. Ultimately, together with others, being the change and doing your part to move the world from fear to Love, and create Heaven on earth.


"I felt really supported through the program, and having guidance and channeling of the High Council made me feel more connected to a bigger element and picture. I also loved the way I was able to reconnect to my own place of spirituality. It was easier than I thought. It was like coming home."


"One of the biggest things I gained was taking ownership of who I am. I’ve owned that I have a lot of love in my heart, I have a lot of love to give, and opening to that more, and honoring it. There’s been some amazing discoveries for me. It’s been a supernatural experience. That is something unique about this program; it feels supernatural.”


"The consistency was so helpful, to have Jenny as my constant check-in and guide at the cusp of my awakening, a time that was feeling vague, unfamiliar. She validated my growth so that I could feel myself shifting every week into standing more true in myself, in my enlightened self, my awakening and getting more grounded and confident."


"My life has been transformed. I have experienced healing. I have felt true joy, connection and love. I have purpose and am ready to live a spirit led life. There is more true peace in my life. I am amazed at how all peoples are aligned and supported. Jenny’s gentle nature has enhanced my growth. Ninaskomtin (means I am grateful for you in niheyaw (Cree language))"

The 3 month (90 day) Program Includes:

  • 5 PRIVATE 1-on-1 Sessions with me (Jenny): You and I will do Five 75-minute private, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions to support your individual transformation. These sessions may include a combination of mentoring, coaching, removing barriers to Love and letting go of limiting beliefs, healing the past, inner child work, and tuning into the High Council and your angelic-soul team (like a reading).
  • Group Support Sessions: During the program, you will have weekly group sessions available to you. These 2 hour sessions are a time for me to teach, for you to connect with other participants as a group and learn from each other's processes, to do work collectively and individually, and to get questions answered. These groups alternate between days and evenings to accommodate different time zones and schedules. Most participants attend at least 2 per month (depending on time zone). The power of groups to shift, heal, and transform is exponential!
  • Bi-Weekly intention setting sessions: Every other week we will do a 45 minute intention setting group session to support the manifestation of your soul's purpose. Check in with your intentions in the FB Community (see below) if you have to miss.
  • Learning Modules: You receive resources to help you master the 5 shifts and learn the tools you need to take concrete action. These modules live in a membership site and you keep lifetime access.
  • 2 Personalized High Council Messages: You will receive 2 personal written messages from the High Council (scribed by me) with insight into your soul essence and purpose. One near the start and one near the end of your time in the program.
  • Meditations: You will receive two guided meditations (MP3s) from the High Council to use in the morning and at night to keep you on track and align, activate, and raise your connection, energy and consciousness.
  • Facebook Community: You will be a part of the private Facebook Community for participants in the program, where we can journey together. There, you can ask me questions, meet like-minded others, take steps, and continue your learning with posts, videos, and discussion.
  • Email support throughout the program
  • Accountability: The program provides accountability, coaching and support to keep moving forward in your transformation.


All that is included in this program is carefully and systematically designed to help you take supported, Spirit-guided, concrete action  to move through the fear, doubt and ego and know and live your soul's Divine purpose.

Know that I accept only a limited number of seriously committed clients into the program so that the group support is kept intimate and strong.

Your Next Step.

If you wish to learn more and explore being a client in the program, then fill out the application by clicking the button below. If your application is accepted, I will send you a link to book a free Discovery Session with me, in which we can confirm that working together is a great fit for both of us. 

On a scale of 1-10

10 being “totally did” and 1 being “not at all”, how did the program and working with Jenny do in getting you:

Clarity about your soul’s purpose, soul essence, and steps? 10!

Connection to your purpose and Divine Helpers (angels, guides, etc)? 10!!!!!

Courage to step into concrete action and shift? 10!

Feeling like you are living your Divine purpose? 9! I am on my way to living my divine purpose with little to no doubt that I’ll get there. I was at a 1 when we started, so I’d say we did great.

Moving past your barriers to Love, limiting beliefs, and blocks and walls? 10!

Want to Learn More first?

Join the Masterclass: 5 Keys to Courageously Step Into Your Soul's Purpose with Your Angels and Guides, without Fear, Doubt or the ego stopping you

A great way to learn what the program is about and what 5 shifts are essential and will be mastered in the program.


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