5 Keys to Courageously Step into your Soul's Purpose with your Angels and Guides--without fear, doubt, or the ego stopping you

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In this training, learn How to . . .

  • connect with your Divine guidance on a regular basis so you know what to do next in your life
  • get unstuck and take concrete action
  • relieve feelings of loneliness, frustration, and despair
  • hear and trust your intuitive guidance
  • stop beating yourself up and letting the fears and doubts stop you
  • get clear on why you are here and your soul's purpose 
  • make sharing your gifts, and your message and mission, what you do

Meet your Instructor

Jenny Hogg Ashwell is a former lawyer and now spiritual mentor who works with difference-makers worldwide to help them gain the clarity, courage, and connection to live their soul's Divine purpose. She was featured on Hay House Radio with her #1 International Bestselling spiritual guidebook Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment, which she scribed for the High Council, a group of non-physical spiritual guides, including Jesus and the archangels, who have gathered to help us bring Love to the world. Jenny works as a conduit for their messages both in written form and live. Jenny is a natural bridge to the spiritual realm, and a gifted intuitive and medium, who can connect you to your angelic-soul team. As well, Jenny hosts her very own Love's Curriculum Radio Show on

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To Learn 5 Keys to Courageously Step into Your Soul's Purpose with your Angels and Guides, without Fear, Doubt, and the Ego stopping you


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