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"One of the biggest things I gained was taking ownership of who I am. I’ve owned that I have a lot of love in my heart, I have a lot of love to give, and opening to that more, and honoring it. There’s been some amazing discoveries for me. It’s been a supernatural experience. That is something unique about this program; it feels supernatural.”


"The consistency was so helpful, to have Jenny as my constant check-in and guide at the cusp of my awakening, a time that was feeling vague, unfamiliar. She validated my growth so that I could feel myself shifting every week into standing more true in myself, in my enlightened self, my awakening and getting more grounded and confident."


"I felt really supported through the program, and having guidance and channeling of the High Council made me feel more connected to a bigger element and picture. I also loved the way I was able to reconnect to my own place of spirituality. It was easier than I thought. It was like coming home."

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“It gave me something concrete to stand on when things are difficult.”

It’s the best, safest, greatest place to be, when you can live with an open heart. And it takes practice to get there. It takes somebody shining her open heart to you, to say and to personify that it’s okay to do that--to validate, and remind, and help me express my true open heart in difficult sorrows and in expanding joys and in everything. Just to feel from the heart is what my soul has been calling out for as what we are here to do. And we shut that down as we grow up. And so this program helped me open up my open heart, so that I can feel the rightness and the lightness of living from an open heart.

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"I am so thankful and grateful to you Jenny. You have a true gift and I feel like you have always helped me when I’ve needed gentle guidance. I thank God for finding you so that I may find my way home."

I joined Jenny’s program because I was feeling stuck in my career; I was missing passion, motivation, and inspiration to move forward on my path as a life coach. I was feeling confused around what my business should look like due to some huge changes that I had already made and I was unsure of how to find the answers. I was also looking at finding, building and strengthening my relationship with God as I had lost connection and trust in God and Angels quite some time ago. During my sessions with Jenny, she guided me in remembering that I have purpose and a divine right to live my purpose. She helped me break through large barriers that were standing in my way of trusting myself, God and Angels and she helped me tap into my own resources to find the rebranding for my business that I needed. I am now confident of the steps to move forward, but I also know that in those moments where I feel less than confident (because life happens), I can find the faith and trust within to move forward in a way that is serving to me, my passion and my purpose. Working with Jenny has reignited a passion for life that I thought was forever lost.

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"I feel a sense of belonging in this program, and that is rare for me. That is worth its weight in gold.”

With Jenny in this program it was the first time that anyone had acknowledged my soul dream that had been with me my whole life. And the dream has expanded over the course of the program into an even bigger dream. I feel like the noise and the distractions and the ego voice are fading away, and I am clearer on what is a distraction to my dream. 

Jenny encouraged me to take action, and then acknowledged it as well. She acknowledged how much I accomplished in a week, which helped me see it; usually I can have a hard time seeing what I’ve done and I focus on all I still need to do. I feel I have a new state of being, I feel more centered in my calling, in my purpose. And it isn’t forceful, it is like a knowing or a peace that it will all work out. And that we’re not alone. That’s one of the biggest things for me….becoming aware of all the Divine help all around. And helping me acknowledge and honour that connection.


"My life has been transformed. I have experienced healing. I have felt true joy, connection and love. I have purpose and am ready to live a spirit led life. There is more true peace in my life. I am amazed at how all peoples are aligned and supported. Jenny’s gentle nature has enhanced my growth. Ninaskomtin (means I am grateful for you in niheyaw (Cree language))"


"I have been blessed to experience Jenny's beautiful gifts and her ability to guide me through my struggles with connection of something far greater than I."

Jenny helped me get back into connection and to heal my relationship with my brother. He commuted suicide 18 years ago and before this tragic event, my relationship with him was riddled with other traumatic events. Jenny, over the last 3 years, has helped me in ways I could not imagine. She helped me open the door to giving space to love my brother and myself. She helped me see the truth of our relationship, who we are and the gifts in our experience through this journey! Jenny is very gifted and I have always felt held in love by her.

Don & Lisa

"Jenny is a gifted and loving intuitive soul and counsellor. Our entire family loved Jenny’s  book Loves Curriculum, which brought us to tears and awakened our hearts to the beautiful message of unconditional Love, compassion and truth, an awe-inspiring guide for authentic living! We have witnessed Jenny’s natural ability to connect to Spirit with love and grace. Her connection to the Divine and the clear messages that she channeled for us were precious and brought clarity and awareness to our purpose here on earth. Jenny’s willingness to channel Divine messages is a gift from Heaven and we feel so honoured and moved by her inspired lessons of peace, love and light from the High Council. We are so grateful that Jenny is awakening the world to Love!" ~ Don Hogue & Lisa Tompkins, You Can Heal Your Life Coaches & Workshop Leaders


"Jenny is a wise and skilled spiritual healer. Her gift of being able to channel the Divine is empowering and helpful for anyone looking to understand themselves and their life purpose better." - Katherine Aucoin, RTC Blossoming Mother Counselling


"I remember meeting Jenny in a workshop many years ago and my initial response was, WOW, she emanates this beautiful soft, yet prominent light. I remember thinking to myself, I too want to radiate this light. Many years later, when Jenny had finished writing her book, I realized she was accessing information from a higher source, and she was meant to shine brightly to help guide people like you and me. I have had the experience of being in Jenny’s sessions and found the information she shared profound and accurate. I was able to use the information to help guide me on my spiritual journey and I would recommend Jenny’s services to everyone regardless of where you are on your spiritual path." ~ Lorie Caron, Business Manager & Personal Development Workshop Staff


"I was grateful to have reached out to Jenny."

There are times in our search for meaning, self or God that one can feel so lost that we are not sure which way is up anymore. It only makes sense that in the realization of truth, that all our childlike fairy tales and concepts will get stripped away to that which is pure and real. I recently found myself in this place of utter confusion where I was feeling immense existential fear. I was grateful to have reached out to Jenny. Her work and communication with a higher form of beings called The High Council was instrumental in helping me to navigate out of my “Dark Night”. I was reminded of the truth that I know in my heart but I needed to hear to continue my journey.


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